are your muscles musical?

This made me laugh out loud! I am not sure I will be heading out and buying my old man, old spice but I like their ads and how they have turned around the brand.

The clip features Crews as a one-man-band, setting off a variety of instruments just by twitching his impressive muscles, while sporting nothing but a tiny pair of red shorts.

Each time the massive Old Spice spokesman flexes his bulk, a sound of some kind – from bass drums to a flaming sax – is being triggered.

But the real fun starts once the spot is over: Users can play the muscular orchestra by tapping their keys and record and share their own cacophony.

“Never has so much stupidity and technological breakthrough been combined into one thingy,” advertisement company Wieden+Kennedy wrote on their blog.

“It’s the first ever fully interactive and sharable music video/player on Vimeo (or YouTube for that matter),” they say.



Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

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