car control

It’s all about cars today. There are 2 things that caught my eye “Goodyear’s live test drives” and Volkswagen’s interactive banner.

First up, Goodyear.

This is a great way to sell tyres from Goodyear. The test drive like no other! With  the new Eagle F1 tyres on a top of the line BMW sports edition, they setup a crazy stunt track to demo the tyres on with unsuspecting customers.  Shot by the director of Ken Blocks Gymkhana 5 the video is great and quite addictive.  Love it, only wish I got a go in the car. Thanks to the guys at GSD&M.

And then there is Volkswagen.

Here’s an interesting way for Volkswagen to promote their voice control function within their new ‘Touch Phone Kit’. German agency Agenta Agenturgruppe developed this interactive banner campaign that enables users to video-call their Facebook friends, all from within the banner.

The Volkswagen Touch Kit is a new accessory that allows hands-free calling activated by voice. Banners advertising this were placed on related car sites and enabled users to connect with Facebook and choose a friend to call by using only their voice. The callers profile was modified to show a steering wheel and a pair of hands in front of their face to make it look like they were driving. After the call, the user who initiated the call is prompted to visit the online store to buy the kit. A screenshot of the call is then posted to the users Facebook wall.

Whilst I love the thinking behind the banner ad, the campaign requires a fair amount of activity from the user and I am not sure I would do it and if the pay off is that entertaining? Interesting though.

What i like about both these campaigns is the unexpected element. Keep it up.

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