Flame Broiled Beef or Friends?

An oldie but one of my favorite uses of facebook and branding.

Burger King, are now asking people to choose between their friends and flame broiled whoppers. Here’s how it works. You install the application Whopper Sacrifice on your facebook profile. You then have to delete 10 of your friends and you get a coupon for a free whopper. Now for some people this isn’t plausible. Especially since your facebook status will automatically broadcast the message the name of the person you just burned for beef. Do you really want your friends knowing how little you care for them and how much you care for a juicy, flame broiled burger with all the toppings?

But when you think about it, lunch today is sounding better and better, why not pop on over to facebook and think about how much you really need to be “friends” with your ex, that girl in that one class you had in high school, or that guy that you met at the bar that time. If you’ve got 10 people that fall into the Not So Hot list, then congratulations my friend. You’re getting a Whopper.

Love it!

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